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Reproductive Check-Up Program

B-11. Blood, urine test

● Blood count

● Blood sugar

● Liver function test

● Kidney function test

● Cholesterol(Total, HDL, LDL), Triglyceride

● Hepatitis antigen, antibody

● Urine microscopy

+ Blood type

+ Venereal disease, AIDS

+ Comprehensive blood work, Homocystein

+ Urine culture, cervix culture, inflammatory marker (ESR, CRP, CA-125)


B-32. Gynecologic exams

● Cervix cancer – PAP smear, Cervicography, Human Papilloma virus

● Pelvic ultrasound

● Gram stain & wet smear – bacteria, candida, trichomonas

● Sexually transmitted infection- gonorrhea, chlamydia,ureaplasma, mycoplasma, herpes, HPV

● Ovarian cancer marker (CA-125), endometrial cancer

● Chronic cervicities, vulvovaginitis, recurrent cystitis

– LEEP therapy, aromatherapy, nutrition therapy


B-43. Internal medicine

● Vaccination – Hepatitis A and B, influenza, HPV (Gadasil)

● Abdominal ultrasound, thyroid ultrasound

● Chest X ray, EKG, tumor marker


b-64. Contraception

● Birth control pill & patch, Intrauterine device (copper, Mirena),

● Subcutaneous implant(Implanon), emergency contraception (morning after pill)


b-75. Breast cancer detection

● Breast self examination, Mammography, Breast ultrasound, Mammotome excision biopsy


b-13  6. Bone density

● Bone densitometer, bone marker


B-27. Menstrual disorder / irregular, cramp, absent, premenstrual syndrome, abnormal bleeding

● Ultrasound

● Hormone studies (ovarian, adrenal, thyroid, prolactin)

● Tissue mineral analysis

● Aromatherapy, nutrition therapy, acupuncture, oriental medicine


b-11   8. Urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction, vaginal rejuvenation

● Extracorporeal magnetic innervation treatment

● Vaginal relaxation and rejuvenation, cystocele, rectocele

● Pelvic floor relaxation, urinary & fecal incontinence


b-89. Weight reduction, body contouring clinic, chronic fatigue, stress, nutrition clinic

● Body composition analysis

● Thyroid function test, tissue mineral analysis

● Dramatically different weight reduction program

+ Diet consultation, drug treatment, metabolic control

● Mesotherapy, skin tonic, carboxytherapy, PPC, LIPOSUCTION


b-1210. Plastic surgery, Aesthetic surgery, Medical skin care, See back side