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Chemical Peeling

Chenical peeling

Chenical peeling(GA-Glycolic Acid) can help to treat the acne and improve the texture of skin

Herbal Peeling

Herbal Peeling

Naturally Reveal New, Refreshed, Smooth Skin!

Herbal Peeling sheds the skin’s dull, hard and leathery outer layer revealing new, glowing skin. Herbal Peel compounds are made up of hundreds of enzymes, vitamins, minerals and other active ingredients. High quality herbs prepared exactly ensure effective treatment with minimal skin irritation. Herbal Peeling is recognized around the world as a highly safe and effective non-surgical skin treatment.

How it works: Herbal Peeling increases blood circulation of the skin and causes the upper layers of the skin to peel off. Natural acids within the Herbal Peeling compound gently loosen the stratum corner, the upper layers of skin, which will peel off three to four days later. Immediately following Herbal Peeling, the treated area will experience minor irritation, similar to a light sunburn as the active ingredients take effect.

Herbal Peels successfully treat the following problems:
● Impure, oily skin
● Disturbed pores
● Sagging face contours
● Wrinkled, sun-damaged skin
● Slack thighs, arms and abdominal walls

Spectra peel

Spectra Peel safely and effectively rejuvenates skin and dramatically reduces acne with no down time.
Spectra Peel

A Proven System for Treating Acne that Delivers Dramatic Results Quickly

How it works: Step 1 involves applying a carbon-based photoenhancing lotion to the treatment area. In Step 2, light reaches deep into your skin to stimulate skin cell regeneration and reduce inflammation. Step 3 treats active acne on the skin surface through a gentle removal of dead skin cells, unplugging pores, shrinking sebaceous glands and stimulating new skin growth.

Spectra Peel is designed to:
● Dramatically reduce all types of acne
● Reduce redness from inflamed acne
● Shrink large pore

Than & MAHK


Product use Nano-emersion made by low-temperature, low-pressure, fermentation methods with Vitamin, mineral, collagen, herb extract, based on Nass.

Nass is Natural compound made by special fermentation method, and it contains a lot of high-level unsaturated fatty acid, which is good to human body.

TANMAHK made by this Nass do not use chemical(artificial) surfactant, and form tiny cell structure which has both hydropile and hydrophobic property. So this product can be absorbed well to skin and can supply lipid.

TANMAHK is physically/chemically stabilized through its fermentation process, so you can store it long enough.

Spectra VRM

Spectra VRM

The Laser Treatment of Choice for Safe and Effective Tattoo Removal

Spectra VRM is a proven system for removing tattoos with minimal discomfort and virtually no risk. Natural skin color is restored without chemicals, abrasion or major discomfort.

How it works: When ink particles from a previous tattoo absorb light from the laser, they are broken down into tiny fragments which are then absorbed naturally by the body’s immune system.

Spectra VRM treats:
● Tattoo removal
● Nevus of Ota
● Melasma
● Yellow oily skin (Seborrheic Skin)
● Seborrheic Keratoses (“brown warts,” “barnacles”)