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The functional deterioration of the old organism causes the major problem in maintenance of quality of later life.
Possibility of functional longevity is becoming a reality, what science will know in 2050, is know how to anti-age. In our anti-aging clinic we take a unique approach to healthcare. Rather than reactive, illness-based medicine, we practice “optimal health,” or the science of healthy living. Through our extensive medical testing and analysis, personalized nutrition and exercise prescriptions, and with wide variety of pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements, we help you achieve optimal health and maintain it for life.

It’s a fact that aging has more to do with the passage of chemicals through your body than the passage of time. We define optimal health as the practice and technologies of early risk detection and intervention in age-related diseases to achieve and maintain healthy living and aging.


Our Optimal Health Program can help you:

●  Increase energy

●  Reduce the risk of diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer

●  Improve endurance and cognitive function

●  Manage your weight and increase lean muscle mass

●  Sleep better

●  Have an enhanced sex life

●  Minimize the symptoms of menopause and andropause




Just because you don’t have visible symptoms doesn’t mean you are not at risk for health problem.

Here are some staggering examples:

●  Cardiovascular Disease – Most heart attacks happen without warning, and nearly half are fatal.

●  Diabetes – Silently, diabetes has become the sixth-leading cause of death. Of those who die, more than one-third of the men and 8.2% of the women don’t even know they have it.

●  Osteoporosis – Left untreated, osteoporosis can progress painlessly until a bone breaks. These fractures typically occur in the hip, spine and wrist.



Most scientists agree that “aging” is a progressive decline in physical and mental function that can occur anytime in life, defending on an individual’s health. in other words, aging is a decrease in biological function rather than just the passage of time. We can help you manage the aging process and reduce the symptoms of aging.



Optimal Health is for everyone. Whether you are a performance professional that relies on your health for your livelihood, an athlete, or just a health conscious individual, we will help you feel and perform at your peak.



Routine office tests

●  Cardiovascular assessment, kidney and liver function

●  Blood count, diabetes, liver function, electrolyte, hyperlipidemia

●  Hormone test – Growth hormone, sex hormone, DHEA, cortisol, thyroid hormone

●  Tissue (hair) mineral analysis – Toxic element, vitamins and mineral

●  Bone density

●  Body composition for fat analysis

●  Neurologic function test – memory test, stress test, depression index


Clinical antiaging medicine

●  Life style correction – Nutrition & exercise

●  Hormone replacement – sex hormone, growth hormone, thyroid hormone, melatonin, DHEA

●  Essential neutriceutical (Vitamin, mineral coenzyme Q10, essential fatty acid)

●  Antioxidant (vitamin, A, C, E, copper, selenium zinc)

●  Phytochemical (carotenoid, flavonoid, lycopene etc)

●  Antiaging herb (ginseng, ginko, garlic etc)

●  Brain nutrients (ginko, carnitine, phosphatylcholine, ginseng)

●  Intestinal cleanser (lactobacillus, fiber)


Skin de-aging

Medical skin care, skin tonic, dermabrasion, phot-rejuvenation collagen, antioxidant

Botox, restylene, juvederm wrinkle care